DanDong TianHao Air Tec filters Company located in the beautiful Yalu River. We are a professional enterprise mainly produces DV air filter materials and high efficiency filters.
    Our company now can produces filtration products and filters with dozens of models, hundreds of specs, and most of the products filled the gaps in this filed. Among which the large-volume dust DV fiber layer filter material with its own unique steps filter manner have won the National Award for the invention of new products.
    The survival purpose of our company is technology and quality. We have established long-term technical cooperation with Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Northeastern University .ect.
    Our company now has two filter production lines (key parts imported from Japan Panasonic technology) and two high-efficiency filter production lines and one bag filer production line.
    At present, the filer material and filers we produced are in a leading position. The technical performance of some products has exceeded similar imported one.
    TianHao company has passed ISO 9001: International Quality System Certification 2000, and has established a well organized quality management system.
    Our company has the best filter material and filter testing equipment in our country. We can also use varieties particles to detecting for the requirement of our customer.
    We would like to take a sincere service and superb technology, providing you with good quality service.